E9: 2019 So Far

Before awards season begins, Eric and Sandra take stock of the year so far while drafting their favorite movies and documentaries.

Warning: Sensitive content related to child abuse

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E8: Book Adaptations

Sometimes there's nothing better than a good book, but it's even sweeter when the movie is just as good. This week Eric and Sandra draft their way through their favorite book adaptations

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E7: Steven Spielberg

Before Disney, Spielberg was the blockbuster king. Sandra and Eric pick through his catalog and draft their favorites.

E6: Romantic Comedies

Love is in the air as Sandra and special guest Megan Peck swoon over their favorite romantic comedies.

E5: Sports

Eric and guest drafter, Coach Bryan Wanzer, choose their top five sports movies.

E4: Judd Apatow

This week Eric and Sandra review the work of comedy God Judd Apatow.

E3: Tom Hanks

Sandra and Eric review the filmography of the great actor Tom Hanks and draft their favorites.

E2: Pixar

In this episode Sandra and Eric take a look at movies from the treasured animation studio Pixar and draft ten favorites.

E1: Space

In their first episode Sandra and Eric draft their favorite space movies.